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Most perfect commercial: Delta faucet “hands” spot

I saw this commercial for a Delta faucet that turns on by touching (no knob-turning required) and I think it is probably the most brilliant commercial ever. Here’s why:

  1. A super-usable feature was invented by their design team.
  2. The ad team decided to actually focus on the feature itself, not just unrelated sexiness.
  3. The visuals of hands messied by different are vibrantly colored and full of texture (very memorable).
  4. There’s a relevant and catchy song (thanks to the Sesame Street count!)

It certainly made me (world’s messiest person in the kitchen) want that faucet.

So, if you want a memorable commercial, design a good product, center the ad campaign around the product benefits and show it off in a beautiful, visual way.

DVD cover fail: the case of Blindness


Blindness is a movie I saw this week that I immediately added to my Facebook profile favorite movies: it was THAT good. Really though, it’s one of those movies that keeps you thinking about it days later as few others do (and for me at least, those that do all tend to be very difficult movies like Colors of Paradise and Late Marriage).

Not only that, its cinematography was beautiful. Fading to white and blurred shots were used consciously because the “white blindness” was an integral part of the story. Thus, the poster above—which makes a darkly playful reference to eye charts—has a brilliant tie-in to both the subject material and the look of the movie.

Contrast that with the whale of a fail below: I was shocked to see this as the DVD cover design. Not only does the cropping of the headshots and the bottom still evoke your average 2-star horror flick, the color black is opposite of what the film’s core. The blindness of Blindness is explicitly white; it was if those afflicted “were caught in a mist or had fallen into a milky sea,” the original novel says.

What do you think? The milky white movie poster or the dark black DVD cover?