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Gratuitous tango dancing

easyvirtuetangoI’ve saved up several serious posts over the past weeks since I last wrote, but the impetus to share tango dancing meets Twenties costumes is much easier to see through to completion. I’ve no idea what the upcoming movie Easy Virtue is all about or if it has any other virtues (tsk, tsk) to speak of (though I hastily add that it is a Noel Coward adaptation, and that I have never been disappointed by Sony Pictures Classics). But voilà: Jessica Biel and Colin Firth dancing tango in the film clip (not trailer) here. Update: gave it one star.

Sometimes I wonder if my attention (and limited contribution) to the subjects that interest me wouldn’t be better represented by a tumblelog rather than a full blog. I suppose my FriendFeed stream vouches for the fact I continue to exist and writeeven if only 140 characters at a timebut I still intend to keep up this blog for the purpose of longer form reflection. And figure out how to merge this and my new portfolio site. This is all my way of saying,

Sorry for not blogging in a while, but I still have things to say, and just need to find the time and mental effort to write something suited for this medium. And in the meantime, I can always find the time and mental effort to post gratuitous tango dancing.