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Support for education vs. the Super Bowl

These past two weeks I have started taking classes for fun and also spent some free time working on lobbying so that not so many millions be taken from the state education budget, especially higher education. Not just because it’s important, but also because they employ me. I did some press release and other writing work for a little student-led grassroots site;  and whether it had any impact for sure, I’ll never know, but it did result in more than 27,000 e-mails being sent to Arizona legislators so far. In the end, the proposal for cutting more than $300 million from our three universities was reduced by about half. For the time being, the rest of this fiscal year looks doable; we’ll see about the next one.

That may account for, while not excusing me being such a lousy blog updater. I think I should reduce my efforts to a solid post a week, since that is something I can more easily commit to. People don’t unsubscribe from blogs because they post too infrequently, they say. I know I only drop those that I feel overwhelmed by (i.e. more than 10 posts a day…no danger of that here). Such a schedule would also allow me to write worthwhile content here and still watch historic local sporting events, watch films, hang out with friends and do my homework.

Speaking of the latter, looks like the site I need is back up so I’d better be going. But if you have time to spare, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a beautiful video that everyone is rightfully abuzz about: