Good movies seen in 2009

In my post about my favorite movies seen in 2008, I predicted I’d be able to see 100 in 2009. Ha! I didn’t even reach 50 (see the list below). But that’s OK! I’ve been happily busy in my work, and that’s a great thing to have had during ’09 especially.

Throughout 2010, I’ll continue to maintain a running list of good movies in the right-hand column of this blog. And since I’m part of what Wired calls “the cult of the somewhat delayed,” (via Kottke) I plan to be seeing a lot of 2009 and 2008 releases during 2010. I’ll  start with Roger Ebert’s picks for best picture of 2009 (I haven’t seen any of the 10 mainstream or 10 independent titles listed), best ’09 animated films (I’ve seen 3/10), best ’09 foreign films (1/15), <EDIT> (I left this link off) best ’09 documentaries (0/10)</EDIT> and best films of the decade (12/20), because I like his approach to lists, recognizing that it’s a subjective process and that the “top 10” is an arbitrary number, and his blog gets good comments. Maybe I’ll start doing some reviews or ratings here too.

If you are into movies and want to connect with them through filmophile social networks, you can find me on Netflix Friends or The Auteurs.

American Teen
Paris, Je T’aime
Saints & Soldiers
Revolutionary Road
I Served the King of England
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Synecdoche, New York
Rachel Getting Married
The Wackness
The Big Lebowski
American Beauty
Slumdog Millionaire
Pan’s Labyrinth
Punch-Drunk Love
Being John Malkovich
Sita Sings the Blues
Frozen River
Divided We Fall
My Wife Is An Actress
Much Ado about Nothing
Funny People
Waltz with Bashir
Tokyo! (but only Gondry’s Interior Design and Bong’s Shaking Tokyo, not Carax’s Merde. Fast-foward.)
Nursery University
Rudo y Cursi
Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
Sólo con tu pareja
The Informant!
Paris 36
The Class
High Fidelity
2 Days in Paris
This is England
Henry Fool
Un Secret


2 responses to “Good movies seen in 2009

  1. Thanks for sharing. I managed 70. Didn’t manage to link them all to imdb though! List here:

    And what you didn’t tell us – which ones were your favourites?

  2. Julie Espinosa

    I like your ordering by rating. None that I included above would be less than three stars. If I had to choose the very best–top 13 ;)–from ’09 (meaning what stuck with me the most and what I’d recommend) they would be: Revolutionary Road, Synecdoche, New York, Rachel Getting Married, Punch-Drunk Love, Wit, Frozen River, Waltz With Bashir, Young@Heart, The Informant! The Class, Doubt, This Is England and Henry Fool.

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