Featured Fall Content Strategy Graphics

Kristina Halvorson just tweeted something I have been thinking of too: there is an exponential growth of content strategy posts being published. I have a list of more than 200 posts from just these fall months piling up in a WordPress draft, due in part just to my blogging slackerism. What used to be a manageable group of new links every few weeks is now growing much faster in the same period of time. Which is great! But what is the best way to share? I should take my own advice: people’s meaningful sorting is superior to an unsorted dump. Now, there’s a strategy!

Considering Erin Scime’s recent superb article on the content-strategist-as-curator, I am trying to do just that: showcase the best around a theme. An upcoming post will be social media-themed links. Today, enjoy the theme of informative content strategy graphics:

  1. The Velocity B2B Marketing Tube Map by Doug Kessler. I could rename this a content map.
  2. The Big Picture: End-to-End Content Strategy by Shelly Bowen. Love your in-the-moment illustration!
  3. Web Site Migration, Implementation, or Redesign in Five Steps by David Hobbs. Really comprehensive yet simple break-down of that process.
  4. The Three Spheres of Web Strategy –Updated for 2009 by Jeremiah Owyang. Balancing business, community and technology.
  5. Common questions from the content creator by Richard Ingram. What a cool graphic for a hot topic.
  6. Time & Our Focus on Content by Colleen Jones. Not gonna lie. Kind of hurts my head. ; ) But important to recognize.
  7. Jobs in the Interactive Media sector by Skillset. Two graphics: what’s your take on related professions and experience around content strategy?
  8. Updated: Web Content Cogs, latest graphic by Richard Ingram. He just keeps coming up with good ones. (See his past Flickr uploads.)

Please, if you have any other good content strategy graphics to add, let me know! And I look forward to publishing more themed link lists, more regularly.


One response to “Featured Fall Content Strategy Graphics

  1. Thanks, Julie, for the call out on the content strategy graphic! It’s the most returned-to page in my notebook for new client conversations. Each time, it gets more scratches and circles and arrows. Thanks also for helping compile excellent content on content strategy.

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