Thank heaven, 11 fresh content strategy links

A fortnight has passed since my last article round-up. Here are some articles from the last two weeks, divided by topic:

    The Discipline of Content Strategy

  1. A Content Strategy Primer, by Rahel Bailie
  2. The Value of Content, Part 1: Adam Smith never expected this, by Melissa Rach
  3. Content Strategy for the Web Professional, by Jonathan Kahn
  4. Social Media Strategy

  5. Avoiding web white elephants [assessing time, team, budget, and heart for an effective social media presence], by Richard Ingram
  6. Social Media Outsourcing Can Be Risky, by Jakob Nielsen
  7. Metadata

  8. Metadata: Defined, by Rachel Lovinger
  9. Are you my Elvis? on the NYT digital index, by Rachel Lovinger
  10. Where to put the keywords, by Jesper Åström
  11. Content Marketing

  12. Content First: Step One in Web Marketing, by Rick Allen
  13. Big-picture Changes

  14. The Changing Face of Communication according to IBM, by Joe Pulizzi
  15. The end of aggregation? by Jevon MacDonald

Other recent activity of note on content strategy sites:

This is the fourth in an ongoing series of content strategy link round-ups. From most recent to least, see part 3, part 2, and 1. Thanks for stopping by!


One response to “Thank heaven, 11 fresh content strategy links

  1. Hi Julie, this is a useful list. Thanks 🙂

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