Friday content strategy: installment 3

Caution: reading the following may make you passionate about content strategy and knowledgeable about recent content news.

  1. Are You Sure Your Content Marketing Strategy Is a Good Fit? by Sonia Simone
  2. Transcribing the spoken word, by Richard Ingram
  3. The four kinds of non-catastrophic breaking news, and why social media aren’t changing them, by Michael Andersen
  4. The True Shortcut to Valuable Content, by Shelly Bowen
  5. The Fallacy Of The Link Economy, by Arnon Mishkin
  6. Design and Content in Customer Service Excellence, by Colleen Jones
  7. How to create metaphors that enhance user experience, by Gabriel Smy
  8. The Case for Content Strategy—Motown Style, by Margot Bloomstein
  9. 10 things every business person should know about content strategy, slideshare by Melissa Rach
  10. The Next Big Headache for Digital Publishers, by Jeff MacIntyre
  11. How to Develop a Content Strategy for Your Professional Blog, by Celine Rogue
  12. B-to-b marketers connect with social media, by Rob Crumpler
  13. For content problems, technology is not the thing, by Kristina Halvorson
  14. No Chief Web Officer Required, by Lisa Welchman
  15. Social Tagging – Questions Answered on Correction Tools and Vendors, by Stephanie Lemieux
  16. Why PDFs are Bad for the Web and How to Make Them Better, by Rick Allen
  17. They’ll help them find you: [content strategy in the public search arena], by Richard Ingram
  18. 6 Reasons You Need Content Strategy, by Erin Scime
  19. Back-end designs and the CMS cycle of disillusionment, by Adriaan Bloem
  20. PDF: Story Listening through Social Media, by Story Worldwide

If you’re talking about #contentstrategy on Twitter, you can find me @julieespinosa.


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