Most perfect commercial: Delta faucet “hands” spot

I saw this commercial for a Delta faucet that turns on by touching (no knob-turning required) and I think it is probably the most brilliant commercial ever. Here’s why:

  1. A super-usable feature was invented by their design team.
  2. The ad team decided to actually focus on the feature itself, not just unrelated sexiness.
  3. The visuals of hands messied by different are vibrantly colored and full of texture (very memorable).
  4. There’s a relevant and catchy song (thanks to the Sesame Street count!)

It certainly made me (world’s messiest person in the kitchen) want that faucet.

So, if you want a memorable commercial, design a good product, center the ad campaign around the product benefits and show it off in a beautiful, visual way.


3 responses to “Most perfect commercial: Delta faucet “hands” spot

  1. Great commercial, for sure. And yes…it does make the faucet look SUPER useful.

  2. i agree! i’m majoring in advertising and this commercial is the type of work i’d aspire to create! It is just a perfect all around commercial, one of the best ive ever seen.

  3. I love my Delta touch faucet. It is the most convenient & fun thing in my kitchen. When I was installing it I had a question and Delta customer service was very available and helpful. It was really very easy to install and works exactly like they say. A real quality product.

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