Learning to love Vimeo

(Update: still can’t get Vimeo to embed here on WordPress. So if you have any hints for that, that’d be great and make me love them that much more.)

Obama calling for Renew America Together

People around me had been making references to how superior Vimeo was to YouTube so I decided to check it out for myself. Granted, I’m coming at it from a purely viewer perspective because I’ve yet to upload, let alone shoot any video of my own.

My thoughts: Vimeo seems to have on the whole higher definition, more artistic videos. This I like. The site design is also very sleek. The URLs themselves are shorter and simpler. Even the sign-up process was simple, seemingly identical to Mint.com’s. I hear embedding is somehow better too, so I’m testing that out now.

One definite distinguishing characteristic of Vimeo is the social aspect. There are forums and profiles that are much more intuitive than on YouTube. You can set up a friendly URL for your profile

For me, the best feature of Vimeo is having an RSS of the videos I tag as “my likes,” the equivalent of YouTube’s “favorites.” I have yet to figure out how to link to or make a feed from my (168 and counting) YouTube favorites. Any ideas? This happens to be a major way that I interact with video sites. Maybe it’s unusual, but it’s a functionality that matters a lot to me.

So here’s a wonderful little video on a Japanese vacation I found there thanks to notcot.org. Reminded me of the Japan shots from Baraka, one of my favorite films. And the series of concerts a emporter from blogotheque que “j’aime depuis longtemps,” to rework the title of a recent French feature-length film.

In other news, attended my first tweetup this Friday and meet some cool peeps through Phoenix Friday Nights. Hope to do that again soon!


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